What the heck is "staggr"?

staggr is a simple Facebook app I developed out of necessity. If you're like me, then you post a lot of links to your Facebook news feed on a daily basis. Unless you're willing to dole out these links at a rate of one-per-20-minutes, they are going to be aggregated in a "Show similar posts" container and left to rot; that's where staggr comes in. The service will queue up your links as you submit them, and it releases them one at a time every 20 minutes. Presto, change-o; your links are now being metered for optimum visibility!

How do I use it?

To begin using staggr, drag the link below onto your Bookmarks Bar. When you are viewing a page you would like to add to your staggr queue, simply click the bookmarklet, fill in a description (if you wish), and submit!

Note: The first time that you use the staggr service, you will be asked to log into Facebook (unless you are already logged in). Once you are logged in, you will need to provide staggr with the necessary permissions to post to your news feed.

But... I'm on a phone!

Well, then—that's a whole different story. Currently, there is only an Android-compatible staggr app, but plans are underway for more.